Saturday, February 16, 2013

I really like SnagIt the screen logger

Recently I was searching for a screen logger that would save my actions while trying to reproduce a hard to find bug. I found SnagIt, the award winning software. And I really liked it. First of all I was up and running with SnagIt in an instant. Getting the evaluation key, download, installation, firing it up - a matter of minutes. The system under test was a PC simulation of a two channel medical device. Meaning: there are two processes monitoring each other with quite sharp timeouts. Meaning: any CPU intensive task might make the simulation go into safe state, because one of the channels doesn't get enough CPU time. SnagIt is light enough on the CPU to not disturb this quite sensitive application. The third thing I noticed was the very nice end result: a quite small video file that exactly captured the application and my interaction with it. Perfect to be attached to a bug report.

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